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Raising your Standards ...
... Not your Rates! AIP Delivery &
Medical Logistics

AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics has more than 25 years of experience servicing the Medical Services industry, including the leading Institutional Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, Home Health & Infusion Pharmacies, Hospitals, and Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Suppliers, along with the top Medical Laboratories requiring specimen retrieval. While we are a delivery expert in the Medical Field, we are no stranger to other prominent industries like leading Communications companies, Food Service, Auto Parts, Legal (including real estate filings and process serving), and many others. These service industries have relied on the specialized training, dedicated management, and advanced technology AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics provides everyday.

AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics has always been, and will continue to be focused on providing the most reliable and cost-effective service for your delivery needs.


Through innovation, dedicated enthusiasm, and responsiveness, our experienced management team and professional couriers are committed to managing the delivery requirements of our valued customers so that they can concentrate on managing their core business! We treat our clients as partners...our success is built on yours! Simply call to set up an account, or to schedule a delivery today! We will do what it takes for you to succeed. Give us a call to get started. All of AIP Delivery & Medical Logistics’ services are always competitively priced to delivery outstanding value when compared to both outsources and in-house operations.